Applying the “hacky” sports talk topic starter to the world of Bower’s favorite musicians. Bower brings you the four songs that make up that artists…MT. ROCKMORE!


MT. ROCKMORE | Episode #3: Led Zeppelin IV

Making the “impossible” OF the impossible, entertaining. On a very special episode of  MT. ROCKMORE Bower celebrates the 48th Anniversary of —  of one of the GREATEST  LED ZEPPELIN  albums — ofRead More…


MT. ROCKMORE | Episode #2: Pat Benatar

Making the “impossible”, entertaining. Bower brings music into THAT mix as he busts out the chisel and JACK-HAMMER to create the MT. RUSHMORE of Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Nominee —  PATRead More…


MT. ROCKMORE | Episode #1: Sammy Hagar

A brand-new podcast from the mind — and text messages with friends — of BOWER! Sports radio uses this hacky-premise all the time: “Who would you put on the Mt. Rushmore ofRead More…