Coronavirus help is IN the building! And so are the 90’s – On this ROCKMORE we tackle the 4-career defining songs of: ALICE IN CHAINS

BOWER brings in the heavy artillery — and an incredibly fun episode featuring the NFL NETWORK’S MICHAEL FABIANO as they try to figure out the four songs of a Seattle band written out of the “grunge” bible, but still influencing rockers across the globe – ALICE IN CHAINS! Fabs brings SO many AIC behind the scenes stories: from how JERRY CANTRELL and MIKE INEZ are as fantasy football players to what an average party at Cantrell’s house is like and the Hollywood elite that come hang with the fellas. PLUS: You’ll hear a “ALICE IN CHAINS: Today You Learnt” coupled with “Five Questions For Fabs” explaining where Jerry told him the name of the band came from.

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