The NCAA Men’s College Basketball tournament officially started back on Tuesday, but it’s not until Thursday when all the real action starts.

It kicks-off 12+ hours of Day 1 coverage that’ll see the favorites continuing on, underdogs pulling off the upset and lower ranked teams positioning themselves to become “America’s Darling” as a “Cinderella” team. To me, it’s one of the best days in all of Sports and may be considered as the greatest day(s) in Sports throughout the entire year. There’s nothing like watching the field of 64 be cut down to 32 and then from 32 to 16 by the end of a 4-day stretch.

What other days in Sports can counter what the opening days of the NCAA Men’s College Basketball tournament brings?

Hockey has the Stanley Cup and the Winter Classic(s), not really a day long event and one that doesn’t match the opening of “March Madness.” Basketball has the NBA Finals and NBA All-Star Weekend, both don’t even hold a candle to the excitement of “March Madness.” Baseball has the World Series, Opening Day and the MLB All-Star Game, Opening Day may be the closest to the “March Madness” hype than any other event we’ve discussed so far…but it doesn’t match up to the opening rounds. There’s only one sport, “shockingly” enough, that may compare to the opening rounds of “March Madness,” that being the NFL and the Super Bowl.

The NFL is a machine, but you already knew that. For 2 weeks they hype up their biggest game of the year by taking over the host city for that final week, building the excitement for just another NFL game and putting the words “Super Bowl” in front of it. If we’re talking biggest game in all of Sports, it’s hands down the Super Bowl, but when it comes to anticipation and excitement, I still think College Basketball does it right with “March Madness.”
Let’s face it, most Sports fans (unless your team is in the game), are “burnt out” heading into the Super Bowl. Just before kick-off to the Super Bowl, most Sports fans have probably seen this game broken down in every which way and seen several different possibilities on how “Team AFC” or “Team NFC” can win “the big game.” It’s been broken down so much that come the Friday before the Super Bowl, fans just want to see the game played and end all the nonsense with breaking down every single nook & cranny.
College Basketball on the other hand makes the Tournament selections on Sunday night, giving people late Sunday and all day Monday to break down the bracket. Then on Tuesday & Wednesday they have the “First Four” matchups and by the time noon time on Thursday hits, the NCAA Tournament 2nd round has begun. It’s fast pace from start to finish and there’s no “lag time” in-between for each Sports fan.
We live in a society where people want things fast-paced and patience is just a thing of the past. “March Madness” keeps things moving and doesn’t really make fans get burnt out come Thursday for the slew of games in the 2nd round. By that point most fans have their brackets ready and are ready to watch all the 12 hours + of Basketball excitement to really care that there may have ever been a “burn out factor” going on.
I think College Basketball does it right with the Men’s Tournament and that this is the greatest day(s) in all of Sports.
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