1. This rotation is the playoff starting rotation…so what do you got?

Kuroda, Sabathia and Nova. More then likely that will be the starting rotation for the New York Yankees should they make it to October. Sure, you could make a case for Andy Pettitte to be in there as well but in my opinion these are New York’s 3 best pitchers, right now, with the season on the line.

It’ll be no easy feat for the Yankees either as they’ll be matched up with Boston’s (more then likely) playoff starting rotation with Lackey, Lester and Buchholz in this series. With everything on the line right now, I would not be shocked if we see the complete opposite from the most recent Yankees/Red Sox series with a lot less runs and whole lot more of good pitching. Pitching dictates the way of a game and each Yankee pitcher will have to direct this series as if it’s the Postseason.

We’ve seen better pitching out of these starters, more importantly Hiroki Kuroda and CC Sabathia, in recent starts as well. Kuroda gave up only 2 ER vs. Boston in his last start on Sunday and CC Sabathia has given up only 3 ER’s in each of his last 2 starts. Well, your going to need that…

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