Let that sink in for just a second and re-read the title of today’s blog.

The UConn Men’s Basketball team is Final Four bound. Yes, this 7th seeded UConn Huskies team.

As a big time Huskies fan, I think we as fans knew this team had it in them to accomplish this feat. But for them to make it into the Final Four was a whole other issue. There were many times this season where the Huskies looked highly competitive against some really good teams, and would all of a sudden unravel as the game neared the end. There was a lack of spirit and fight in this team, something we are not having a problem in seeing right now.

We’ve been accustomed to this team pulling off miracle runs in March and we’re seeing it yet again as this 2014 UConn Men’s team has resembled National Championship teams of the past. They have that attitude of teams of yesteryears where you have to have that “blue collar” attitude to win a National Title in the month of March. I like what I’m obviously seeing in this UConn team and I believe they are a serious threat to win it all.

You cannot discredit or discount what this Huskies team can do every season and we’re seeing why, yet again. I still believe the biggest strength for UConn heading into the Final Four games is there ability to make crucial points from the Free-Throw line. Yep, the “charity stripe” has become a huge part of their game this month because opponents cannot catch up to the Huskies to shorten the lead in the final minute of play.

If UConn can have a lead with 3 minutes or less to play against Florida this Saturday then I like there chances of playing for a National Championship on Monday Night. UConn’s ability to shoot “lights out” from the free-throw line has shorten their game down considerably. Instead of playing a full 40 minutes, UConn has dwindled their game down to 36-37 minutes.

What I mean by that is UConn can control the final 3 minutes of play based off of fundamental basketball, it’s a crazy concept that is working for the Huskies in advancing into the Final Four. To steal a Baseball analogy, t’s almost like UConn is bringing in a closer to get their final 3 outs at the Free-Throw line. Teams can contend with it and you see the Huskies delivering their “knockout blow” to their opponent with every free throw shot made.

Call me crazy, but I really like the Huskies’ chances this weekend as they look to win another National Championship.